Knowledgeable and Passionate

KeHE attracts highly effective individuals with a passion for helping our business partners succeed. We operate in that critically important space between manufacturers and retailers, and our people are focused on both groups achieving their goals. Whether we’re involved in demand planning, inbound freight consolidation, delivery route optimization, retailer category reviews, or speed-to-shelf for new items, the KeHE team has the best and brightest personnel supporting your objectives.

one company,
one mission,
one million meals.

KeHE Cares has partnered with Feed My
Starving Children and set an ambitious one
year goal: pack one million meals to
feed starving children around the world.

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Multi Channel Scope

We understand and address the unique assortment, pack-size, promotional, merchandising and shipping requirements of the distinct retail channels we serve, including:

  • National and regional multi-unit grocers.
  • Mid-sized grocers.
  • Independent retailers in both the conventional and natural channels.
  • Vitamin shops, health practitioners, fitness clubs, gift shops, basket packers, florists, vintners, meat markets, seafood shops, delis and countless other retailers.

KeHE operates 12 warehouse facilities through which we support retailers across multiple channels in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

Our multi-channel scope helps retailers and manufacturers succeed in any channel on which you focus.

Product Management

Certain products and product lines span multiple retail channels.  Artisan cheese, for example, appeals to customers at certain large and mid-sized grocery retailers, select independent grocery retailers, some natural food stores, and many specialty and non-traditional outlets such as delis, meat markets and wine shops.

KeHE’s team of product managers focus on these cross-channel opportunities and manage the promotional and planogram nuances of each channel in order to maximize supplier and retailer sales.

Broad Assortment

 KeHE works with over 3500 manufacturers, importers and other product supply partners (the number grows every week) to provide retailers of all types and sizes with specialty and natural products their end-consumers desire. There is virtually no limit to the assortment that KeHE makes available to our retailers

Effective Distribution

KeHE has a solution for your distribution needs!  Whether you’re a large grocery retailer requiring regular deliveries of a broad assortment of dry, refrigerated and frozen items, a vitamin shop with highly specialized shipments of vitamins, supplements and personal care items that are best addressed via UPS, or a  retailer of any kind falling between these extremes we have a distribution solution for you

Similarly, if you’re a manufacturer with distribution gaps in your current distributor network, KeHE Solutions can deliver dry, frozen and refrigerated products (except liquid dairy and yogurt), including items packaged in glass, to retailers in all 50 states via UPS or LTL carrier at highly efficient freight rates.


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