Cherries On Top

One of the most well-established trends of recent years is the increase in sales of the categories located throughout the grocery store’s perimeter aisles: fresh foods. So it should go as no surprise, then, that consumers are seeking a fresher take on foods in other categories. Items like chocolate covered pineapple in the freezer aisle,…

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Looking for a reaction

Gone are the days of swapping PB&J sandwiches for milk and cookies in the cafeteria. Americans are increasingly suffering from food allergies, making allergen-friendly food options all the more critical for lunch boxes. While peanuts and dairy are major players, more ingredients are getting the red flag. Individuals with sensitivities are now looking to steer…

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Inside the melting pot

The American dinner plate is starting to look a lot different than it did 10 years ago. There will always be a special place in the hearts and stomachs of Americans for meat and potatoes. But as the United States becomes an increasingly multicultural nation—and embraces its roots as a country of immigrants—that shift is…

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