Going (coco)Nuts for November’s elevate™ Brands

We are going (coco)nuts for November’s elevate brands! Each month, we feature select KeHE’s elevate™ program participants to highlight innovation within the food and beverage industry. The program works to bring speed-to-shelf for our retailers and enable product discovery for the selected elevate suppliers. Four noteworthy brands that display innovation join the emerging brands program.…

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KeHE Reveals Their 2021 Trends to Watch

There is no denying the impact that 2020 had on the food ecosystem. As we look ahead to 2021, which trends are here to stay? KeHE’s innovation gurus identified seven predictions, based on expertise in shopping behaviors, consumer data, and through foraging for emerging products. Here’s what you can expect to see in stores and…

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Bringing Diversity to the Marketplace

We are shining a light on diversity within our food and beverage community! KeHE is using its national distribution network and in-house experts to drive inclusivity and celebrate diversity. One way KeHE does so is through the DIVERSEtrade™ program, designed to source and foster DIVERSE brands to successfully navigate the food distribution model by removing…

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Discovering Diversity

In October, brands from around the world joined KeHE for an exclusive virtual Diversity TrendFinder event. As part of KeHE’s commitment to Diversity & Inclusion, the event gave over 100 diverse suppliers a chance to pitch products directly to our expert Category Management team and fast track them into distribution! That means, these brands could…

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