On Trend: Much About Matcha

Matcha—a powdered green tea traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies—has been celebrated in Chinese and Japanese cultures for nearly 4,000 years.

But a few swipes deep into the #matcha hashtag on Twitter and Instagram reveal that the tea is trendier than ever. Product launches containing matcha have grown 226%, according to Mintel.


It’s growth that promises to continue. A report from the Sage Group shows sales of matcha products in the U.S. and Canada will continue to grow 25% annually through 2018.

Its popularity is found at the intersection of two growing food trends: International-inspired products and health-enhancing foods.

So naturally, it’s appearing in more than tea cups. Top categories for matcha product launches include baked goods, desserts and ice cream, chocolate and RTD beverages—a clear indicator that where there’s matcha, consumers will drink it up.