Streamlining Vendor Communication

KeHE is streamlining vendor communications with several enhancements to its Vendor Support and Vendor Connections communication procedure.

Vendor partners can now use vendorsupport@KeHE.com for all vendor related inquiries, including Vendor Connections and Vendor Support inquires. This replaces the previous email address vendorconnections@KeHE.com.

Following are best practices for submitting new requests to vendorsupport@KeHE.com:

  • Include your Enterprise Supplier Number, Vendor Name, and the nature of the request within the subject line.
    • Example: A request to process a price change from Art’s Spices and Seasonings would be submitted as: “ESN 2018312 – Art’s Spices and Seasonings – Price Change” in the Subject line of the original email communication.
  • This system can be used for these common requests, too:
    • Address Change
    • Broker of Record Change
    • Case Dimension Change
    • Invoice Backup
    • KeHE Connect
    • KeHE Show Recap
    • MCB Deduction
    • Pack Change
    • Payment Status
    • PO Opportunity
    • Price Change
    • Promotions
    • Short Paid Invoice
    • Terms Discount
    • Unit of Sale Change

KeHE also has an option to submit a ticket for payment requests, deduction/invoice questions and back up through the K-Solve Portal in KeHE Connect.

Contact your Category Manager for more information.