What’s Scott Eating?

Scott Silverman is our Vice President of Customer Insights and Growth Solutions. His unofficial title is chief exotic food explorer and sampler. Scott is constantly on the lookout for the next food trend, and that leads to some interesting food choices. So… What’s Scott Eating?

“This spring the Boulder County Farmers Market sprung open and dozens of vendors featured local produce, meats, eggs, honey and starter plants for home gardeners. The place is always bustling on Saturdays.

On a macro-level it reminded me how shoppers are high-touch when it comes to fresh and artisan products. I truly believe retailers have an opportunity to create theater and a high-touch experience in their stores to build community, shopper loyalty and drive sales. Consider hosting a “meet the maker” event each month with a local farmer or artisan food producer. During the growing season partner with local farmers to host an on-farm tour.

On a micro-level, one thing that stood out for me was the organic asparagus! This gave me a sense of urgency because I know the growing season is only weeks, not months long. I bought a couple of pounds which I steamed and then drizzled with soy-butter. Yes, soy sauce + butter, together at last. The pairing is exquisite. And as for the local organic asparagus—when it’s gone, it’s gone!”

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