What’s Scott Eating?

You know Scott Silverman as our Vice President of Customer Insights and Growth Solutions. His unofficial title is chief exotic food explorer and sampler. Scott is constantly on the lookout for the next food trend and occasionally that leads to some interesting food choices. So … What’s Scott Eating?

“So many of us in our food community intentionally live to eat and don’t eat to live—that’s why I love working with the passionate professionals in our space! We also thrive on newness and the next big thing.

What’s Scott Eating? | KeHE

Speaking of newness, I’m embracing the cool fall nights here in Colorado by rekindling my one-pot meal regimen that features noodles served in a steaming broth. While doing so, I discovered cha soba, as in matcha soba! The texture and mouthfeel are similar to traditional soba made from a blend of buckwheat and wheat flours. The slightly-sweet/tad-bitter matcha flavor and light green color from the matcha green tea powder make this a great addition to the Asian noodle revolution that’s taking place in America!

I recently had the privilege of going to Tokyo. During the trip, I went out of my way to understand more about traditional Japanese rice crackers, aka senbei (sounds like sen bay). Senbei are made from glutinous rice and are a staple snack food to enjoy with a beverage. They’re available in many shapes and sizes; the basic shape, and the type I was able to grill at a senbei shop, is a 3” diameter circle.

Savory senbei has an amazing umami (or savory) flavor that comes from the soy sauce coating and nori seaweed seasoning. I can confirm after much testing that this version pairs well with beer! Sweet senbei, enjoyed by kids, is sweetened with granulated sugar. I also learned about regional senbei flavors from other parts of Japan, including miso, curry, and red chili. For me, it was exciting and stimulating to learn about a snack food that hasn’t been popularized yet in America.

Cheers to our collective role in sharing great food!”