Meet our senior leaders serving KeHE's

Meet Brian

He’s constantly looking for ways to innovate, and he’s never satisfied with the status quo.

As Chief Information Officer, Brian not only “keeps the lights on,” he looks for ways to make them even brighter. Brian is guiding us toward a future where technology is more ubiquitous than ever, where technology is at the core of “making on-trend easy.”


KeHE looks like you. And me. And the family down the street.

You know us. We’re part of the community, part of your lifestyle and part of the movement to make life healthier through wholesome choices and naturally-better foods.

KeHE people live our passion daily. Like you. We not only work to ensure that your business is well-served by our fresh, natural & organic, and specialty foods, we also grow our families on what we do and how we do it.

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Brandon Barnholt
President & Chief Executive Officer
Gene Carter
Chief Operating Officer
Timothy J. Wiggins
Chief Financial Officer
Jennifer Ricks
SVP, People Operations
Rusty Bland
SVP, People Engagement & Serving
Brian Wilkinson
Chief Information Officer
Peter Kisluk
SVP, Solutions