Weight management. Gluten intolerance. Paleo eating. There are countless reasons why more Americans are avoiding processed grains – but that doesn’t mean the cravings stop in their tracks. While gluten-free pizza crusts, pastas and breads have become commonplace in U.S. households, Mintel says grain-free is starting to emerge as the next generation of (and healthier alternative to) gluten-free. So how are consumers keeping up their carb habits while avoiding grains? One answer is cassava. A starchy tuber similar to yams and potatoes, cassava (sometimes known as yuca) is plentiful throughout South America and boasts a handful of health benefits that elevate its desirability to health-minded consumers. According to Mintel, there has been a 134% increase in the launch of bakery products with non-grain flours since 2010 – and cassava is one ingredient leading the way. The number of product launches per year has consistently risen since 2009. Cassava Postcard And if that weren’t enough to prove the cassava trend is here to stay – cassava yields are up due to sustainable agriculture, making it an affordable option to include in any diet.