When it comes to a well-rounded diet, no one does it like the Mediterraneans. Liquid gold | KeHE Designed around meals consisting of vegetables, seafood, lean protein, whole grains, beans, fruits and nuts, the Mediterranean diet is more than simply tasty. Research has shown in recent years that it can improve life expectancy and overall health. Since the creation of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid decades ago, its staples—foods like sun-dried tomatoes, hummus and pita bread—have become favorites in American households.
“The ‘foodie’ mentality has hit the olive oil category, and KeHE is seeing an increased interest among consumers for unique flavor profiles and high-quality oils coming from different regions of the world.”
– Maria Reyes, KeHE Category Director for Oils
In turn, retailers are experiencing substantial growth in numerous Mediterranean products. At the center of it all is the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet: olive oil. As Americans continue to expand Mediterranean products in their kitchens, retailers have the opportunity to offer their consumers the right mix of products that provide integrity and variety. When high-quality production standards are maintained, such as avoiding the use of chemical solvents or high heat, olive oil contains high levels of antioxidant properties—a healthy way to add fat to any diet.
“Offering shoppers higher quality oils translates into higher margins for retailers and better, healthier products for consumers.”
– Maria Reyes, KeHE Category Director for Oils
Liquid gold | KeHE