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4 Must-Haves for September to Elevate Your Assortment

Move over whipped coffee, there’s a new trending coffee in town! Sofee, a carbonated cold-brew coffee, is one of four new elevate™ program participants we are sharing this month. Created to bring early-stage brands front and center, the elevate™ program’s mission is to increase these brands’ discovery and bring them to more stores nationwide.


Why we love it: Would you try a carbonated coffee? Sofee is a gently carbonated, lightly sweetened, naturally caffeinated beverage. Made with cold-brew coffee, agave nectar, and real extracts like monk fruit, chocolate, and cinnamon. Best of all, each can is all-natural, has no preservatives, is GMO, dairy and gluten-free.

Pop Bitties

Why we love it: These ancient grain chips and crisps are air-popped for a better-for-you snack. Made with sorghum, quinoa and chia, these whole-grain pops are also free from some of the top allergens: tree nuts, peanuts, gluten, and are corn-free.


 Why we love it: Oleamea is a family-owned, international award-winning, USDA Organic extra virgin olive oil brand from Turkey. The brand is focused on organic farming, sustainability, and high-quality cold-pressed mono variety olive oil production.  

Asap! Oats Overnight

Why we love it: With simple nighttime prep, filling with water and refrigerating before bed, these overnight oat shakes become a delicious meal that is ready when you wake up. Each one is high in protein and responsibly sweetened.

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