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Fair Game

From across the globe to across the aisle, the Fairtrade movement has reinvigorated the ethically minded consumer experience.

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    Founded by farmers. The movement started in 1988 when a group of small-scale coffee farmers in Mexico set out to do what many considered impossible—improve their quality of life by seeking more control and fairer terms of sale.

    After working closely with a group in the Netherlands, the farmers gained more direct access to the global market and launched the world’s first Fairtrade coffee.

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    Fairer pricing, open and clear negotiations. Fairtrade is the only certification that directly addresses the trading relationship, looking into not just how products are produced, but how they are traded.

    The key difference between Fairtrade and other sustainability programs is the involvement of farmers who democratically decide how they invest the Fairtrade premium.

Help the U.S. become the country with the most cups of Fairtrade coffee drank per capita by organizing an event at your store and registering it at http://www.fairtradechallenge.org.

Spread your efforts to social media by using the hashtag #FairtradeChallenge on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.