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The Smoothie Boom Knows No Bounds

The fruit smoothie has long been a symbol of wellness among consumers – a health guru’s metaphorical badge of honor.

But if you haven’t already noticed, smoothies have made the mainstream. In fact, nearly a quarter of American adults identify as “smoothie/fruit juice drinkers,” according to an AudienceSCAN report.

Coupled with trends that show Americans are increasingly seeking to eat more functional foods (Nielsen), consumers are primed for viewing produce and pantry products as crucial smoothie ingredients.

Frozen fruits become the base. Coconut oil becomes a satiating dose of fat. Chia seeds become a burst of fiber and omega-3s. Unsweetened almond milk becomes liquid richness, and consumers are one step closer to a healthy, balanced meal.

There are countless ways to suggest shoppers should add certain products to their blenders. Set up a curated display of smoothie ingredients, or offer a sample station featuring various products. Showcase add-ins in freezer doors throughout the frozen fruit section, or couple ingredients together in the breakfast aisle.

Together, brands have the opportunity to market individual products as part of a greater whole, providing the potential to connect with new customers and interact with existing ones in new ways.