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Tricks for Smart Treats

Shoppers are opting for snacks that come in smaller portions with a healthy twist.

Unofficial analysis shows that come Halloween, trick-or-treaters from around the country can agree: the best snacks are the ones that fit into little fists.

With 75 percent of households planning to dole out candy this year, it’s a trend worth noting among grown-up shoppers, too. Bigger isn’t always better.

Data from Mintel shows that small-sized biscuit packets, containing less than 51 grams, are proving popular with shoppers.

Tricks for Smart Treats | KeHE

In the 12 months to January 2012, market share in these products was just 8 percent. But in the 12 months to January 2015, that increased to 11 percent.

That leads the way for manufacturers and retailers to highlight their mini masterpieces, like candies, crackers, chips, desserts and more.

But while All Hallows’ Eve shoppers are eyeing tinier treats to dole out in their oversized plastic pumpkins, they’re looking beyond the package too. Many shoppers are searching for not-so-guilty versions of their favorite sweet treats.

Tricks for Smart Treats | KeHE

With nearly one quarter of non-chocolate confectionery users in the U.S. citing natural ingredients as an important characteristic when purchasing, manufacturers are developing products with less artificial ingredients, Mintel explains.

Nearly 60 percent of consumers believe candy can be part of a healthy diet if consumed in moderation, and 72 percent say chocolate is their favorite Halloween treat.

That means smaller, health-conscious snacks—a trend dubbed “permissible indulgences”—are here to stay well past Halloween.