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Emerging trends don’t wait. That’s why KeHE maintains an active watch in North America’s leading natural & organic specialty and fresh food meccas, so we are close to the action and ahead of the game for you.

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What’s OnTrendTM This Month

Sneaky Vegetables

When it comes to getting healthy, most people know the first place to start is diet – and that means eating more vegetables. And while kids usually take the rap for turning their nose to greens, there are plenty of adults who could stand more plants in their diet. But there is no need for…

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Pro-Gut Probiotics

Lose weight. Quit smoking. Drink less. Sleep more. Everyone’s resolution is different, but more often than not, the New Year is focused on improving health. But as consumers become conscious about shedding extra pounds and decreasing their stress levels year-round, some are getting creative with their health-inspired aspirations. Health-minded shoppers are increasingly conscious about what’s…

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Bitters make it better

As interest in artisanal cocktails continues to boom, consumers are looking beyond garden variety libations in favor of more emboldened and nuanced flavor. The key to unlocking these flavor possibilities? A beloved vintage ingredient—cocktail bitters. It has experienced a serious resurgence in popularity, not only with bartenders and mixologists, but also among everyday imbibers and…

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New-ish Jew-ish

New-ish Jew-ish | KeHE

While Hanukkah always brings the spotlight on Jewish favorites like jelly-filled donuts and Matzo Ball Soup, there’s been a dramatic resurgence of Jewish food even among secular diners these days. The renaissance of Jewish cuisine was set into motion by forward-thinking chefs who’ve put contemporary twists on traditional Jewish fare—and the result has been a…

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The Comforts of Fall

The Comforts of Fall | KeHE

These four flavors are dominating consumer palettes this season. And while they might look like the typical flavors of fall nostalgia, they’re showing up in ways both untraditional and innovative.

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Tricks for Smart Treats

Tricks for Smart Treats | KeHE

Unofficial analysis shows that come Halloween, trick-or-treaters from around the country can agree: the best snacks are the ones that fit into little fists.

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Much ado about matcha

Much ado about matcha | KeHE

Matcha—a powdered green tea traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies—has been celebrated in Chinese and Japanese cultures for nearly 4,000 years. But a few swipes deep into the #matcha hashtag on Twitter and Instagram will reveal the tea is trendier than ever. Product launches containing matcha have grown 226% from 2011 to 2014, according to…

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A sweet change of pace

A sweet change of pace | KeHE.com

Flavors like key lime pie and cinnamon/sugar are all the rage in gourmet cupcakes—and they’re common in the yogurt section of the refrigerated aisle, too. The reasoning is simple: when Americans were first introduced to the tart, tangy taste of yogurt, it wasn’t exactly in line with their sugar-disposed palettes. So sweets were introduced to…

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Cherries On Top

Cherries On Top | KeHE.com

One of the most well-established trends of recent years is the increase in sales of the categories located throughout the grocery store’s perimeter aisles: fresh foods. So it should go as no surprise, then, that consumers are seeking a fresher take on foods in other categories. Items like chocolate covered pineapple in the freezer aisle,…

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