The good path™

2022 Goodness Report

Every year at KeHE, our people pave the way to goodness. We do it day by day, month after month, by pouring our hearts into our work and trusting our values to guide us.

This is the good path.

Following the good path makes goodness both a journey all by itself, and the foundation for everything KeHE can achieve.

Here’s how our commitments to people, planet, purpose and performance weave together over the course of one year’s journey.

Choose which part of the good path you’d like to know more about.

Planning the journey along the good path

Traveling the good path means consciously choosing a destination beyond commercial success—our ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of people, both inside and outside our company.

This past year, our path needed to traverse the uncharted challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, including labor challenges and inflation. Yet, it was also a year of remarkable growth in which we onboarded 18,000 new items.

Progress we made along the good path

On the good path, every day is a step toward finding better ways to serve and uplift people. We brought goodness not just to store shelves and dinner tables, but also to each other, communities in need, and our planet itself.

Journeys can take unpredictable turns

The good path is a journey, and journeys sometimes take unpredictable turns. Here’s how responding to a nationwide labor shortage, the war in Ukraine and other unexpected events brought out the best in our organization and our people.

What’s ahead on the good path?

The good path never ends, because one year’s journey always leads to another. We’re already traveling the good path into the future, with exciting developments already here or just over the horizon.