Introducing – KeHE CONNECT Direct® – a new service allowing supplier and retailer partners to grow their business with more distribution flexibility, meeting their unique needs.

With 1–3-day deliveries, free shipping on orders of $50 or more, easy ordering and products in all three temperature zones, plus the availability to buy or sell outside of set distribution centers, the KeHE CONNECT Direct program enables suppliers and retailers to do more than ever before!

Easy Ordering in the KeHE CONNECT Retailer™ platform

We’re giving retailers, of any size, access to an expanded assortment beyond their home distribution center of natural & organic, specialty, and fresh products from KeHE’s Ellettsville, IN and Chino, CA facilities. The program will expand to additional KeHE distribution centers by June 2023.

KeHE CONNECT Direct orders can be placed via EDI or the KeHE CONNECT Retailer™  platform, with delivery through UPS drop shipment anywhere in the U.S.

There are no order minimums, plus access to case, cut case, and each quantities, allowing retailers across the U.S. to bring trending innovation to their shelves. Best of all, shipping is free on orders of $50 or more. The program features fast delivery times with orders shipped in 1-3 days in the contiguous United States.

Products purchased through KeHE CONNECT Direct are competitively priced and only a small surcharge applies to cover shipping costs for orders under $50. Consult the KeHE CONNECT Retailer platform for specific item pricing.

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Current KeHE Retailers

Not Yet a Current KeHE Retailer?

Not yet a member of the KeHE Retailer network? We may still be able to get you into the KeHE CONNECT Direct program – Start with filling out the form linked below.

Join KeHE Retailers via CONNECT Direct

Grow Your Reach to KeHE’s Retailer Network

KeHE CONNECT Direct® offers suppliers the opportunity to grow their reach to KeHE retailers interested in products outside of their home distribution center. KeHE retailers can sign up for KeHE CONNECT Direct and access most brand products available in the Ellettsville or Chino distribution centers.

KeHE suppliers can also utilize KeHE CONNECT Direct to fulfill their small parcel retailer orders, even if they are not yet a KeHE retailer, when they enroll in KeHE CONNECT Direct. Nearly any KeHE product offered in the Ellettsville or Chino distribution centers are automatically included in the KeHE CONNECT Direct program at no extra cost to the vendor. There are no extra steps required by the vendors to be eligible for the program.

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