KeHE CONNECT Direct® – KeHE’s extended aisle service enables our supplier and retailer partners to grow with more KeHE distribution flexibility, meeting their unique needs.

With one to three-day delivery times, no required order minimums, free shipping on orders over $50, and the ability to unlock items in all temperature zones beyond a retailer’s set distribution center, KeHE CONNECT Direct empowers suppliers and retailers to do more than ever before!



Already a KeHE Retailer? Expand your aisle with assortment in new DCs by joining KeHE:

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Grow Your Reach to KeHE’s Retailer Network

KeHE CONNECT Direct is a scalable solution for new and innovative brands to launch in the marketplace and existing brands to expand their distribution reach. You will gain immediate coverage to an expanded range of partnered retailers and access to new channels!

Our 3 affiliated KeHE Connect Direct DCs are strategically placed to give suppliers an expanded addressable market with a minimal KeHE footprint.

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Q: How many additional items are available to me through KeHE CONNECT Direct?

A: This answer is dependent on which KeHE distribution center from which your account is currently served. Many retailers will find they can unlock 10K – 15K more new products via KeHE CONNECT Direct that are not available in their home distribution center.

Q: When and how will my order be delivered?

A: All KeHE CONNECT Direct orders ship out the next business day, 5 days a week, and are delivered via UPS Ground Shipping. Tracking information is communicated as soon as the order ships and the typical time in transit is 1 – 3 days.

Q: Is there a cost associated with signing up or using KeHE CONNECT Direct?

A: No extra cost! For new or existing KeHE customers, this program is easy to use and conveniently integrates with KeHE CONNECT Retailer® or your EDI platform.

Q: What payment methods and terms are available for KeHE CONNECT Direct orders?

A: Your current payment method and terms on your existing account with KeHE will be extended to your KeHE CONNECT Direct account. New to KeHE retailer’s terms are extended upon completion of the credit application.

Q: Am I eligible to receive promotions/discounts from KeHE?

A: Yes KeHE CONNECT Direct retailers are eligible for promotions! Vendor-funded promotions and free-fills/turnovers are passed through on your KeHE CONNECT Direct account the same way they are with your everyday account.


Q: Are my items available through KeHE CONNECT Direct?

A: If your items are available in any of the three DCs listed above there is a high likelihood it is currently part of the program by default. We automatically list all items eligible for small parcel fulfillment. If you are not yet in one of these DCs, please speak with your Category Manager to discuss strategic placement.

Q: Is there a fee to be a part of KeHE CONNECT Direct?

A: No! We want to encourage you to access more regions and retailers than ever before.

Q: Can I submit discounts or promotions to KeHE CONNECT Direct retailers?

A: Yes! All eligible vendor promotions are automatically passed through, including turnovers. Encourage retailers and sales representatives in new regions to request samples through their CONNECT Direct account.

Q: We ship many small parcel orders to customers such as restaurants and convenience stores. Can this program help me?

A:  Yes! KeHE CONNECT Direct can ship items in all temp zones directly to locations not traditionally setup in the KeHE distribution network. Simply have these locations sign up for KeHE CONNECT Direct here: New Accounts.  They can order whenever they need to, with no order minimums, and the product will arrive in 1-3 days.

Q: Who can I speak to if I have additional questions?

A: Either reach out to your KeHE Category Manager to effectively utilize the program or contact KeHE for more information.