Sugar. Honey. Pumpkin. Sweetie pie. There’s a reason our terms of endearment are so often culinary-inspired – it’s because the foods we love are the keys to our hearts. But there’s one nickname that consumers have been particularly affectionate about recently: dumpling. Whether as an appetizer, happy hour snack or main course, these doughy, stuffed pockets have taken over menus. According to Datassential’s Flavor report, 26 percent of Millennial consumers and 23 percent of Gen Z consumers say that they love dumplings. And Supermarket News lists dumplings as one of the Top 10 trends of 2018. But there’s more to dumplings than the traditional pot sticker on your Chinese food menu. Cuisines all over the world have incorporated dumpling variations into their traditional fare, and so the flavor and texture options are endless. This trend presents an opportunity beyond restaurant menus and into the deli and prepared foods section, and even the freezer aisle.