Small and emerging brands often face challenges when it comes to getting their products to market. Without the resources and distribution networks, they may struggle to reach potential customers and generate sales. This is where a national distributor can play a crucial role in helping a small and emerging brand go to market.

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Bridging the Gap

A distributor acts as a bridge between the brand and the retailers that will sell the product. They handle the logistics of getting the product to market, including warehousing, transportation, and distribution. This allows the brand to focus on creating and promoting their products, while the distributor takes care of getting them to the right customers.

The Network

One of the main benefits of working with a distributor is their established relationships with retailers and other businesses in the industry. Distributors already have connections with key players in the market, making it easier for a small and emerging brand to get their products in front of potential customers. A distributor can also provide valuable market knowledge and insights, helping the brand to identify and target the right market segments.

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Sales & Marketing Support

In addition, a distributor can also provide support in terms of sales and marketing. For example, KeHE can help brands to develop sales strategies and tactics, and provide access to marketing resources such as promotional materials and advertising opportunities. This can be especially valuable for small and emerging brands who may not have the resources to invest in these areas.

Outsourcing Logistics & Transportation

While working with a distributor can come at a cost, it can also be a cost-effective solution for small and emerging brands. By outsourcing logistics and distribution, the brand can save money on things like warehousing and transportation, and have access to a larger sales force without having to invest in hiring additional teams to take on that workload.

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While each brand’s strategy and needs vary, a distributor can be a valuable partner for small and emerging brands in getting their products to market. Partnering with a national distributor can provide access to established relationships, market knowledge, and support in sales and marketing. By working with a distributor, small and emerging brands can focus on creating and promoting their products, while the distributor handles the logistics of getting them to the right customers.

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