At KeHE®, we have long been committed to providing opportunities for diversity and inclusion in the highly competitive food marketplace. In 2019, we launched the KeHE DIVERSE Trade® program to grow suppliers that are women, minority, disabled, Veteran, or LGBTQ+ certified to help them better navigate the distribution landscape.

Today, the program includes more than 180 brands and continues to shine a light on a wide assortment of eclectic products with important stories to tell. What’s more, DIVERSE Trade enables consumers to learn about the people behind the brands and allows retailers to stock their shelves with products that really make a difference in the market. 

We are proud to spotlight three brands from our DIVERSE Trade portfolio and share their stories: 

“People have different backgrounds, experiences, life exposure, upbringing, and cultures. When this translates into products on store shelves, it opens you to new and exciting flavors people are looking for today,” said Mabï Tea owners and founders, Erica Ortiz and Jerry Grammont.

Mabï Tea 

During a trip to Haiti, the future founders of Mabï Tea, had the opportunity to indulge in some of the region’s best and boldest flavors while creating beautiful memories with their family and friends. That experience inspired them to share their favorite Caribbean recipes through Mabï Artisanal Tea, a natural, Caribbean cold brew tea. Now, owners and founders, Erica and Jerry want every can and every sip to send positive vibes, decrease stress, and increase naturopathic benefits throughout the body. Mabï Teas are low in sugar, packed full of healthy benefits, and include the taste of the Caribbean.


reFOCUS is a Black-owned brand that offers the first 100% plant-based meal replacement nutritional shake. With more than 26 essential vitamins and minerals, and no dairy, nut, soy, or gluten, and lactose-free, reFOCUS is a “ready-to-drink” meal option designed as a healthy alternative to breakfast, lunch, or dinner that offers much more than just a protein or nutritional shake. reFOCUS was the winner of the ‘Q1 Buying Showcase Pitch Slam’ and won a booth at the 2024 Summer Show.

Pancakes From Scratch

Part of the Scratch Food Group, a trailblazing, Black-owned food manufacturer on a mission to redefine the plant-based experience, Pancakes From Scratch is a brand with a love of flavors and a knack for simplicity. Their story is rooted in authenticity, cultural integrity, and a commitment to culinary excellence. Using mostly alkaline vegan ingredients, Pancakes From Scratch offers flavorful creations and an uncompromising commitment to quality ingredients that cater to a wide range of consumers.

We are proud to celebrate diverse voices in the natural & organic, specialty, and fresh market and increase opportunities for success. To learn more about KeHE’s DIVERSE Trade program, please visit:

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