Nearly every corner of the internet is shaped by influencers, so it’s no surprise that the food and beverage industry is the same way. Social media allows influencers to reach a wide audience, which ultimately affects food trends, dietary practices, and the products that consumers are excited about. In fact, 41% of Gen Z and 50% of Millennials are inspired to try new recipes based on the content they find on social media. From global cuisines with exciting flavors to the launching of new products, brands and retailers can utilize the power of social media to drive consumers into stores and to create new products. Watch the KeHE “Influenced Foods” video to learn more.

Based on the 2024 KeHE® Macro Trends, here is what retailers and suppliers need to know about influencers and the impact they have on consumer preferences and industry trends.

Consumers Are Searching for Tasty Recipes and Exciting Products

Social media channels such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are go-to platforms for consumers to search and share recipes they can recreate themselves. A recent study even reveals that 81% of home cooks use social media recipes, further emphasizing the sway that these platforms have over consumer choices. Monitoring the latest food and recipe trends on social media can help brands and retailers understand and keep up with evolving consumer preferences.

Get Online and Stay in the Know

Social media is more than just a space where new products are discovered, it is also a place where new product ideas are brought to life. In fact, 57% of Gen Zers use TikTok as their primary source to learn about new cuisines. A prime example is Gigi Hadid’s vodka pasta dish, which went viral on TikTok in 2020. This recipe became so viral that Heinz and Absolute were inspired to create a special jarred vodka sauce to cater to the online craze of Hadid’s recipe. The bottom line is that social media trends offer key insights into consumer preferences and can serve as a launching pad for new and innovative product ideas that are sure to capture consumer interest.

People Want to Buy From Other People

Influencers are very impactful in the promotion of products with 4.7 times higher engagement rates in comparison to those without influencers, leading to increased brand awareness and engagement. This demonstrates that consumers are attracted to the story of a brand and genuine content just as much as they are to the quality of the product. People want to buy from other people and that’s why the personalization of a brand is a powerful tool to set a brand and its products apart from the competition. Ultimately, social media and storytelling are powerful avenues that allow companies to truly bring a product to life.

How KeHE Supports Retailers and Brands

To succeed in the distribution industry, suppliers and retailers must not only predict upcoming trends accurately but also effectively implement them in stores to retain and engage customers. By leveraging the expertise of seasoned distribution professionals, players in the industry can stay at the forefront of trends and innovate their marketing strategies to cater to exactly what consumers are searching for. Stock your shelves here.

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