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What’s OnTrendTM This Month

Dessert … Prepared To A Tea

Tea has taken a turn from afternoon sips to after-dinner sweets. And while a frosty glass of black tea or a warm mug of chamomile tea will always be classics, teas are now being used as ingredients in foods: mostly, desserts. The BBC named specialized tea flavorings as one of the top trends of 2018,…

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Eastern Flavors

Eastern flavors continue to move west. Vietnamese pho, Japanese ramen and Korean barbecue have risen to the tops of menus and shopping carts over the past few years. Now, all eyes are on the far eastern islands. Restaurant Business names Asian island cuisine one of the top food trends for 2018, with Filipino foods and…

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The Smart Pill

The Silicon Valley wave has reached nutrition. Nootropics – or substances that help to improve memory and cognitive function – are the latest nutrition craze to hit tech circles. The word itself is the culmination of the Greek words meaning “mind” and “bending.” And while the concept has been around since the 1970s, the tech…

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Dumpling Darlings

Sugar. Honey. Pumpkin. Sweetie pie. There’s a reason our terms of endearment are so often culinary-inspired – it’s because the foods we love are the keys to our hearts. But there’s one nickname that consumers have been particularly affectionate about recently: dumpling. Whether as an appetizer, happy hour snack or main course, these doughy, stuffed…

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Comfort Food

Brownie with strawberries

Americans aren’t known for their relaxed lifestyles and slow-pace living. But as lives become even more digitally connected – and with Americans reporting higher stress levels than ever – there’s one way they’re known to indulge: with comfort food. While “comfort food” can include the usual suspects – processed carbohydrates, fried foods, sugars and beyond…

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Good Feelings

Beef Jerky

Social media has shifted the way we talk about food – and the way we eat it. Foodies of all ages are constantly looking for the latest trends in food to photograph, post and consume – in that order. But what makes a food trend? There’s color, where foods like rainbow “unicorn” toast and black…

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Farewell, Added Sugar

A little sugar never hurt anyone. In fact, whether in fructose form or in a saccharine confection, the ingredient can be downright delightful. But, as the saying goes, all good things are best in moderation. New research on the downsides to added sugar have spurred calls for more transparency from the food and beverage industry,…

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The Everyday

Workout Nutrition

It’s no secret that, in order to achieve peak performance, athletes meticulously plan their diets down to the very last macro. But as the general public becomes more mindful of how diet affects wellbeing, products that were once targeted exclusively to athletes are seeping into the mainstream market. Nutrition bars, energy drinks and protein powders…

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Simmer Down

Cups of broth

Celebrities are sipping it. Foodies are brewing it. Restaurants are serving it with a steep price tag. Bone broth has infiltrated the world of wellness trends, largely due to its key role in the ever-popular Paleo diet – essentially, a diet built around anything early humans could have hunted or gathered. Its fans claim it…

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A Taste of Home for
the Holidays

Holiday meal

No matter what part of the world you come from, where you live or what faith you practice, the month of December tends to represent a time for a renewal of relationships, a gathering of family and friends, and the sharing of food. For many Americans, it has become a time to slow down and…

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