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4 Must-Haves for September to Elevate Your Assortment

Move over whipped coffee, there’s a new trending coffee in town! Sofee, a carbonated cold-brew coffee, is one of four new elevate™ program participants we are sharing this month. Created to bring early-stage brands front and center, the elevate™ program’s mission is to increase these brands’ discovery and bring them to more stores nationwide. Sofee…

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The Driving Force Behind KeHE’s Goodness

Is it the journey or the destination? We say it’s both! From the manufacturing plant, to a distribution center, and finally to your local store, this journey provides consumers with food daily and brings the community together. While, at KeHE, we love providing families with food to put on the table, we also appreciate taking…

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Rise of the Superfood

Even before COVID-19, consumers were becoming increasingly aware of—and mindful about—what they eat. Now, as they spend more time at home than ever before, people are getting creative with recipes and ingredients—especially at breakfast, when typical commuting hours have been reclaimed and can now be used to blend up smoothies, craft breakfast bowls and more.…

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Elevate Your Assortment with New Finds for August

Goodbye old, stale pantry items, and hello to our new additions to the KeHE elevate™ program! Each month, we are bringing you an exclusive look at early-stage brands selected for our elevate program that hope to debut on grocery shelves near you! From avocado puffed snacks to lemon-based dressings, we have innovative items that will…

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Elevate Your Assortment with Hot New Items

This summer is heating up and what better way to enjoy the it than with some refreshing new products? Last month, we debuted eight elevate brands at our Holidays of Hope virtual show. Each month, we’re sharing an exclusive look at the newest additions to KeHE’s elevate™ program. These early-stage brands have joined our exclusive…

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Seal of Approval: Deciphering Third-Party Certifications

Consumer interest has expanded in recent years to include impact as well as ingredients. From just the nutrition panel to the perception of what the brand stands for, a concept we now refer to as “transparency,” is revolutionizing food production. As one of the key motivators to put an item in the cart, a brand’s…

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Virtual Cheers to a Digital Show

Innovation, trends, new products, and fan favorites items all available to purchase while lounging in sweatpants, what more can you ask for?! KeHE’s first-ever virtual show, Holidays of Hope, welcomed over 5,000 attendees and nearly 600 exhibiting suppliers on KeHE’s proprietary digital platform. The largest and most successful KeHE show to date, held from June…

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Contactless Solutions: Navigating a New World in Retail

One thing becoming increasingly clear– coronavirus has changed the way Americans shop for food. That’s leaving retailers grappling with an enormous variety of challenges, from keeping their essential workers safe to addressing heightened food safety issues. It’s making retailers listen to customers and quickly adapt to their concerns. Consumers are Craving Contactless Options While we…

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Elevate Your Assortment at Holidays of Hope

This year, our Holidays of Hope virtual show is showcasing KeHE elevate™ program participants for the first time! The KeHE elevate™ program was created in 2019 to support our retailer partners by continually foraging for early-stage brands and help them be first-to-market with the amazing new brands. The high-touch program, in turn, provides brands with…

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Better Together During COVID-19

Within the past couple of months, the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has flipped the world has on its head. Through this time of uncertainty, as we all work towards a ”new normal”, the one remarkable outcome and silver lining is the strength we have in numbers. All over the country, communities are coming together to not…

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