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What’s OnTrend® Today

Doubling Down on Function

American consumers are jazzed about how ingredients like protein and probiotics can impact their health. More than half now look for more protein in their diet and nearly one in three see probiotics as essential for a healthy digestive system.* As a result, functional products are seeing an explosion of interest, with top growth in…

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A Hole In One

Nearly 300 participants and volunteers joined KeHE at Harborside International Golf Course on July 15 to support Young Life and the KeHE Cares™ Foundation in a record-breaking KeHE Cares™ Golf Outing powered by BMO, raising more than $200,000. Based on the success of prior years, KeHE expanded the scope of the event to not only benefit…

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Fighting Food Waste Together

KeHE is proud to announce our partnership with the Climate Collaborative to provide food waste resources to retailers. Read more below and on the Climate Collaborative’s Blog here. Climate Collaborative recently released a 10-step Food Waste Reduction Toolkit and self-assessment tool, both geared at supporting retailers in reducing their food waste impacts. “If food waste were its own…

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Going Against the Grain

Ok, admit it. If you’re like most Americans you simply have too much grain in your diet—you know… cereals, snacks, breads, pasta, and bakery items starring wheat, rice, corn, rye, barley, and other types of grains.  Here’s the rub. There are several reasons why it’s not good for you, but mainly because you aren’t eating…

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Black Magic

Activated charcoal is finding its way into a variety of products ranging from toothpaste, deodorants and skin cleansers to functional beverages. But what is it and why would anyone want to clean their teeth with gritty black stuff from their grill? It’s a valid question. So here’s the scoop. Activated charcoal is not the same…

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Powered by Plants

plant based diet

From pea-protein burgers to cashew milk, a revolution in plant-based eating has arrived. No longer just for dietary nonconformists, the trend has gone mainstream as Americans realize that a plant-centric diet is not just better for their own health but also more ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Nielsen data suggests that nearly 40% of Americans…

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Conquering Keto

The popularity of the ketogenic diet, keto for short, has reached fever pitch, especially with dieters lured with promises of weight loss and potential health benefits. It is a specialized high fat, low carbohydrate diet that requires careful attention to protein intake, calories and fluids. The goal is to put the body into ketosis, a…

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KeHE’s Serving Event Made Thousands of Lives Better

   At Expo West, KeHE gathered over 100 employee volunteers to coordinate and execute the largest meal packing event in the show’s history. In LA county there are 1.9 million people that live below the poverty line- 40% of those being are children. KeHE joined forces with New Hope Network, Children’s Hunger Fund, and…

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Fish Tales

Americans love seafood – so much so that we consume 7 tons of it each year. Despite our large appetite, many consumers are confused about what fish to eat for their health and even more perplexed about sustainable seafood choices that have less impact on ocean ecosystems. Let’s face it, few people know the difference…

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Why You Need Collagen in Your Corner


Some say age 40 may now be the new 30, but it never hurts to start thinking about aging well. And when it comes to aging, you want collagen in your corner. As one of the most abundant proteins, collagen is vital for the body to not only look good but feel good, too. Collagen…

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