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Better Together During COVID-19

Within the past couple of months, the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has flipped the world has on its head. Through this time of uncertainty, as we all work towards a ”new normal”, the one remarkable outcome and silver lining is the strength we have in numbers. All over the country, communities are coming together to not…

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Vote for a Force for Good

Everyone has the power to make a change. Voting is one of the many ways a community can come together to be heard. Throughout the food and beverage supply chain, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and consumers all have the power to shift the industry to better serve people and the planet. How is that? Through the…

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2020 KeHE Summer Show

    More than 750 exhibitors brought their innovative new products and consumer favorites to the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA for the 2020 KeHE Summer Show. The annual trade show, held February 4 -5, welcomed more than 4,500 industry professionals including KeHE retailers hungry for show deals on trending products. “Kicking…

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The 2020 Trends to Watch

Get ready to boost your brain power, guide your gut health, improve Fido’s food, protect the planet, and read the next chapter of CBD in 2020 according to KeHE’s Product Innovation Gurus. Our trend experts have been keeping an ear to the ground and foraging for new products in order to predict the top five…

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Combating the Cold and Flu

Body aches, fever, chills, runny nose, scratchy throat. These are few of our least favorite things! There are few things that can take a person down faster than a cold or the flu. Although, no matter how badly someone might want to take pill and be back on their feet – spoiler alert – there…

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Cheers to Planning a Healthy, Sustainable Party!

Entertaining is a whole new ball game in this era of health and sustainability. Planning a simple party with friends involves all kinds of considerations from planning a menu suitable for your paleo neighbor, a keto-dieting workout buddy, and gluten-free colleagues all while considering your own ideals of conscious consumption. So, what’s a modern host…

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Rethink Your Plastic Packaging

Shifting to Sustainability A movement is upon us. It’s not just about what’s inside products when it comes to ingredients, it’s equally as important as what’s behind the product – and that has to do with packaging and the mission behind a brand. Consumers are fired up about the preservation of our planet, now more…

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Smart Swaps

Fall typically means gathering with friends and family, with that comes indulgent meals closely followed by guilt. With over 45 million American’s going on diets each year*, typically post-holidays like Thanksgiving, brands are coming to the table to help relieve the guilt. Hundreds of brands across numerous categories are helping consumers easily swap traditional ingredients…

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The Butterfly Effect of Non-GMO

October is the 10th anniversary of Non-GMO Month, an annual celebration of the shopper’s right to choose non-GMO products. Each year, the event grows in reach with now thousands of participating retailers and brands working to educate consumers. Celebrating Non-GMO Month through the power of education helps to show that shopper’s purchasing decisions have a…

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Sweet Treats with No Guilt

Consumers are craving a change; to balance eating healthier with the occasional indulgence of candy. * This shift has sparked an interest in ingredients leading more shoppers to read nutritional panels and labels. While nutrition plays a major role in decision making, so does familiarity. Most still find comfort in recognizable brands but with their…

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