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What’s OnTrend® Today

Elderberry Basics


Blueberries, you’re over—there’s a new berry in town. Elderberry, which comes from the fruit of the Sambucus tree, is a rising star among super fruits, but it’s not exactly new. In fact, it has been used for hundreds of years in traditional medicine and homeopathic remedies to address a variety of health issues. There is…

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Serve Others with KeHE’s New CAREtrade® Partners

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For KeHE, serving others isn’t just a holiday sentiment – it’s at the core of what we do and what’s important to us. We SERVE to make lives better.® And while philanthropy manifests in a variety of ways – one of our initiatives is to implement that passion for service into the suppliers we support…

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Cauliflower Power

As vegetables go, cauliflower was once an ugly duckling that rarely made the menu except at Grandma’s house, but in the past few years it has seen a transformation of which even kale might be envious. Cauliflower has now become the hero of paleo dieters, carb avoiders, vegans and veggie proponents, not only as a…

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Whether you care if cows have an idyllic setting to live out their lives grazing on the pasture or not, the evidence is now pretty clear: grass-fed cows produce healthier food. What does that mean? Cows that have spent their lives grazing on grass and forage, and that have not been confined to a feedlot…

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Product Innovation Takes Center Stage

KeHE welcomed more than 2,200 industry professionals to Salt Lake City, UT, October 3-4 for the 2018 KeHE Spring Show. Attendees connected around the purchasing of natural & organic, specialty and fresh products for the first quarter of 2019. The show started with an educational panel of industry leaders who shared tangible ways to harness…

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Expo East – What to Expect

On the eve of the 2018 Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, KeHE’s Growth Solutions team – our resident trend experts – have created a round-up of the top trends to expect on the show floor. Not-Your-Summer Charcoal: Charcoal, the top fastest growing ingredient in the Health & Beauty Care category, works by trapping toxins…

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Trust Your Gut

Bugs are now your friends. Especially the 100 trillion of them that live in your microbiome. Consumers are now starting to understand that a balanced microbiome, with both probiotics — the live bacteria and yeasts found in foods like yogurt — and prebiotics— the non-digestible carbohydrates that help them thrive– are both essential for healthy…

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Fresh Makes the Grade for Back to School

As Americans begin to send their kids back to school, schedules inevitably get a bit more hectic, leaving less and less time for healthy meal planning and preparation. With health-and-wellness snacks trending as one of the fastest growing categories in the grocery store, retailers offering a fresh, convenient take on easy to grab snacks is…

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New Products Steal the Show in Chicago

More than 4,500 industry leaders convened at Chicago’s McCormick Place on June 13-14 for KeHE Distributors’ 2018 Holiday Show. Products featured by nearly 700 exhibitors across all categories, allowed retailers to experience first-hand new and on-trend products for the upcoming winter season. More than 190 brands were featured in the New Products Showcase, highlighting items…

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Dessert … Prepared To A Tea

Tea has taken a turn from afternoon sips to after-dinner sweets. And while a frosty glass of black tea or a warm mug of chamomile tea will always be classics, teas are now being used as ingredients in foods: mostly, desserts. The BBC named specialized tea flavorings as one of the top trends of 2018,…

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