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Interesting food textures are on trend.

Social media has shifted the way we talk about food – and the way we eat it.

Foodies of all ages are constantly looking for the latest trends in food to photograph, post and consume – in that order.

But what makes a food trend? There’s color, where foods like rainbow “unicorn” toast and black charcoal froyo steal the spotlight. Then of course there’s flavor: chicken and waffle-flavored ice cream, ramen-flavored potato chips.

But there’s one food characteristic that trends have yet to explore – until now.

Mintel bids texture as the latest food trend consumers will seek as a way to create memorable and shareable culinary experiences.

Unexpected tactile experiences in food and beverage will be a new realm for manufacturers to explore in 2018, according to the report, a direction perhaps in response to the virtual nature of today’s food experience.

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