Next Generation Distributor

Some call it continuous improvement. Perhaps. But at KeHE, it’s less about incremental advancement and more about market innovation and catching the next big idea.

It comes from you. From us. From all over.

We look to synthesize customer insights, product knowledge, market data and pioneer; ways to deliver value to consumers.  Then, we go to work to develop actionable innovation to keep our partners relevant, fresh and ahead of the pack.

Our distribution network is focused on the success of the retailer and the pull-through impact that it has on supplier product.

We are not a wholesale food distributor or a company that just drops off boxes at the back door. We are flexible. We care about the industry. And we work closely with our retailers to make a difference.

KeHE innovates across the supply chain:

  • Our state-of-the-art procurement systems coordinate inbound shipment consolidation capabilities, refrigerated warehouse environments and flexible outbound shipping to provide our retail customers with the highest service levels and order accuracy.
  • KeHE’s Pick to Light system is an advanced, light-directed picking technology that delivers a highly-accurate and efficient method of paperless picking supporting in-full and on-time shipments.
  • KeHE technology makes it easy to do business. Mobile ordering, inventory control, real-time route visibility with the KeHEConnect® portal and the way we integrate seamlessly with our retailer customers’ own supply chain networks assure you of a fast, fresh, accurate and easy supply chain.
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