Goodbye old, stale pantry items, and hello to our new additions to the KeHE elevate™ program! Each month, we are bringing you an exclusive look at early-stage brands selected for our elevate program that hope to debut on grocery shelves near you! From avocado puffed snacks to lemon-based dressings, we have innovative items that will be sure to add some zest to your next snack or meal.


Why we love it: Want a plant-based, dairy-free, and nut-free dip produced in a zero-waste facility? No problem! Zubi’s salsa, crema, and queso have you covered! Each one is made in small batches to ensure bold flavors and maximum freshness with its organic ingredients!

Catalina Crunch

Why we love it: Balance your macros on-the-go with Catalina Crunch’s smoothie kits. The Keto and Paleo-friendly smoothies are made with 6g of plant-protein, 14g of healthy fats, 3g of sugar, and only 5 net carbs. Catalina Crunch’s Keto Cereal was also a recipient of the On Trend® Snack Food & Bar Award for their innovative at KeHE’s Summer Show!


Why we love it: Zephyr’s U.S. Black Angus beef is 100% traceable to a single humanely raised animal handled U.S. farm. Not only are they transparent, but they also use a gourmet blend of premium choice cuts and is 85% lean!

IE Green Tea

Why we love it: Take your antioxidants on the go! IE Green Tea’s liquid tea packets give you a convenient single-serving pre-brewed tea, with 300mg of antioxidants per packet. Those health benefits are equivalent to 14 cups brewed with traditional tea bags. Simply pour into water- iced, hot, or even sparkling, then head out!

Avo Crazy

Why we love it: Our two favorite things, avocados and puffed snacks, are now combined into one healthy snacking alternative! These avocado puffs are made with fiber, protein, and good fats. The innovative snack is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and only 100 calories a bag.


Why we love it: Lemonette is the first-ever lemon-based salad dressing free from vinegar, sugar, canola oil, soy, dairy, artificial colors, or preservatives! The tangy sauce is versatile and can be used on salads or even as a marinade!


Why we love it: Tulua’s refrigerated wellness shots are made with functional ingredients, like probiotics, and have no preservatives or additives. It’s organic superfood goodness that keeps your gut in check!


Why we love it: Natreve is the world’s first Certified Plastic and Carbon Neutral wellness company! Their protein powders are made with quality ingredients like grass-fed collagen, organic greens, probiotics, and are free from GMOs and gluten!

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KeHE customers can learn more about the products by contacting their designated sales representative!