Step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary by offering unique alternatives to everyday beverages and meals. These three spotlighted brands are part of the KeHE ELEVATE™ program, a way for early-stage brands to reach their full potential and reach more shelves and consumers nationwide.

Meet the hand-picked KeHE ELEVATE brands for March:

The Spare Food Co.

Spare Tonic is a 4-ingredient sparkling probiotic beverage made with upcycled fresh whey from the Greek-yogurt process. It is fermented with just a little honey, fruit, and spice, and nutrient dense with protein, electrolytes, and Vitamin-B! 


Explore the flavors of the first frozen and vegan West African soup! Free from gluten, soy, and dairy, these versatile options include tomato, brown-eyed peas, peanut butter, and melon seed. Consume as-is or use for stewing, braising, dipping, and more.

Anthony & Sons Italian Bakery

Introducing Avocado Seven Grains Bread & Dinner Rolls! Avocado bread offers a healthy, clean label, and vegan option. These better for you breads are packed with grains & guacamole spices.

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