Naperville, IL – March 24, 2020 — KeHE Distributors, a leading natural & organic, fresh and specialty distributor has partnered with Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (NASDAQ: CLNE) to add low-carbon emission trucks fueled with renewable natural gas (RNG) to their California fleet in 2020.  By swapping five diesel trucks with natural gas trucks, KeHE expects an annual carbon reduction of 674 metric tons, the equivalent of planting 11,120 trees and recycling 235 tons of landfill waste.

Clean Energy’s Redeem™ RNG is a clean low-carbon alternative fuel produced from organic waste. The environmentally friendly fuel source has been proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 70% versus diesel. Zero Now is an ultra-clean fuel and engine combination, developed by Clean Energy, to help achieve zero emissions in the trucking industry.

“As a certified B Corporation and stewards of the environment, KeHE firmly believes in using our business as a force for good,” said Chris Sieburg, EVP Operations, KeHE. “Clean Energy’s Zero Now has enabled us to make progress towards our new carbon reduction goals. By adding trucks fueled with clean fuel to our fleet, we’re able to sustainably deliver products in a way that aligns with our company’s values. To make the kind of impact we’re striving for, progress will be evolutionary. These are great first steps.”

Tom Harden, Corporate Equipment Manager at KeHE stated, “It made sense for us to partner with Kenworth, the number one driver preferred truck in America, that has a long-standing relationship with Clean Energy.”

Each of the five Kenworth compressed natural gas (CNG) tractor trucks will travel approximately 90,000 miles per year using about 15,000 gallons of renewable natural gas per truck annually. The impactful shift to the Kenworth’s natural gas trucks will reduce the annual carbon emission comparable to removing 143 cars from the road.

“Switching to trucks fueled with RNG supports KeHE’s commitment to sustainable and responsible living because they create a clear pathway to the carbon-free distribution of natural and organic foods,” said Chad Lindholm, Vice President, Clean Energy. “KeHE is a prime example of a fleet taking action that immediately decreases the environmental impact of their operations.”

“We’re grateful for this opportunity to move the needle as part of our commitment to running a greener fleet,” said Laura McCord, KeHE’s Executive Director of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility. “All drivers have the opportunity to make an environmental impact through the types of vehicles they choose to drive every day. With 284.5 million registered vehicles on the road in the United States, we’re encouraging more companies and consumers to rethink how they get around.”

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About Clean Energy
Clean Energy Fuels Corp. is the leading provider of natural gas fuel and renewable natural gas (RNG) fuel for transportation in the United States and Canada, with a network of approximately 540 stations across North America that it owns or operates. Clean Energy builds and operates compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) stations and delivers more CNG, LNG and RNG vehicle fuel than any other company in the United States. For more information, visit