Beyond domestic, beyond simple.

Navigate the ins and outs of international orders with KeHE.

Our Exports program provides a full suite of natural and specialty solutions for vendors looking to sell beyond domestic borders.

We manage all regulatory aspects of selling abroad, from export licenses and taxes to disclosures.

We take the guess-work out of product promotions and custom program development, whether from KeHE, retailers or a combination of the two.

We know markets from around the world so that we can help our vendors define the best pricing and selling strategies to ensure profitability for their unique businesses—and manage their authorized price lists and pricing files.

Merchandising and product expertise based on the latest industry and demographic research is available by phone and even on site. In many regions, we’re available to visit monthly.

By simplifying the uncertainties and complications of selling internationally, we provide a roadmap of success for your export sales.

Click here to contact us, email us at contactus@kehe.com, call 630.343.0000 or 800.995.5343.

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