Products with a Purpose

It is why we do, what we do. Consumers seek a deeper connection with the products they purchase. They expect food companies to lead by example and innovate with integrity. Shoppers are reaching for and purchasing brands with purpose.

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That’s why we started our CAREtrade® initiative, to identify and promote a set of brands that advance a higher purpose. The CAREtrade® program bridges the gap between KeHE and KeHE Cares, it’s the next evolution in serving. We are working shoulder to shoulder with like-minded suppliers and retailers to bring mission-based brands to the forefront. Each CAREtrade® partner has a unique business approach that combines commercial success with making the world a better place.

We never compromise quality for quantity, and we work to ensure goodness permeates every aspect of our process. 

KeHE is a company of employee-owners who make a conscious choice to serve in order to make lives better. And that makes all the difference. We’re devoted to helping our suppliers and retailers succeed. In the increasingly complex and competitive retail landscape, authenticity, purpose and transparency are what consumers crave.

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Explore each CAREtrade® brand’s story and mission.

“While the program has enabled these brands to reach more retailers and sales than before, that is only a fraction of their success,” noted Scott Silverman, VP of business development and CAREtrade® committee leader. “The program ultimately enables multiple parts of the food marketplace to work towards a common goal of doing good. Through CAREtrade®, we connected brands to other partners to drive their mission of serving their communities and those in need.”