Our company culture begins with integrity.

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We own what we do and how we do it every day. Literally.

KeHE is a company of employee-owners who make a conscious choice to serve in order to make lives better.  And that makes all the difference.
Ours is a faith-friendly culture built around caring, determination, and an unshakable commitment to the success of our retail and supply partners.
That means we approach the market with integrity and clarity of purpose:

  • We’re good people who move good food—and we’re extremely good at it. We never compromise quality for quantity, and we work to ensure goodness permeates every aspect of our process—from order fulfillment to speedy delivery, to cross-merchandising and marketing. Join us – check our career listings.
  • We’re in business not just for profits, but for the sake of a better world. It’s why we took the leap to become a Certified B Corporation—we believe responsible business is good for business. We take care of our people—and those in need – through our philanthropic volunteer program, run through our KeHE Cares® Foundation.
  • We’re true to our suppliers and retailers while remaining true to the planet we all inhabit. We’re devoted to helping our vendors and retailers succeed, and are obsessed with analyzing trends and best practices to make sure our partners are always ahead of the pack.

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