Consumers are exploring new ways to update their normal, everyday routines. Retailers should be on the hunt for new products to provide consumers with elevated experiences.

These four spotlighted brands are a part of the KeHE elevate™ program, a way for early-stage brands to reach their full potential and reach more shelves and consumers nationwide.

Meet the hand-picked KeHE elevate™ brands for December:

Better & Better Toothpaste

Have confidence in your smile with Better & Better all-natural, whitening, vitamin-infused toothpaste. Consumers will enjoy the subtle mint flavor and two vitamin formulas (Energy and Immunity) which provide up to 50% of daily value per brush by purifying and fortifying the teeth. Better yet, this product is certified cruelty-free and recyclable.

Mumgry Nut Butter Spreads

With a focus on prioritizing the dietary needs of mothers throughout pre-pregnancy and beyond, Mumgry is vegan, gluten free and doesn’t contain any added preservatives, additives, or oils–only the good stuff. It’s fresh dry-roasted peanuts are roasted on site and in small batches. Explore traditional peanut butter flavors or a chocolate peanut butter spread.

Crispy Edge Gourmet Potstickers

Experience new flavors with Crispy Edge Gourmet Potstickers. Made with no preservatives, no fillers and10-13g protein per serving, these potstickers will surely elevate any dinner party. Taste the mouthwatering flavors of buffalo chicken potstickers with garlic and herb dough, cheddar and beef with onion spiced dough, traditional port with crispy edge signature dough, chorizo and date with turmeric dough, and plant-based lemongrass chicken with black pepper dough.

Holi Scoops Frozen Desserts

Ditch the diary and go stress free with Holi Scoops. These frozen desserts focused on indulgence, nutrition, and function. Features include, clean + organic + non-GMO ingredients without sacrificing flavor. Holi Scoops are plant based, keto-friendly, and adaptogenic. Take a small scoop toward mindful and holistic frozen dessert flavors such as double chocolate chipper, conscious coffee, and vanilla being!

Learn more about the KeHE elevate™ program:

Discover program details and how to join the KeHE elevate brands on our KeHE elevate™ page today! See November’s KeHE elevate™ brands here.

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