Consumers are searching for new ways to be creative with their everyday staple foods. Retailers can provide consumers alternatives to everyday snacking or inspire them with healthier baking and cooking ingredients.

These four spotlighted brands are a part of the KeHE elevate™ program, a way for early-stage brands to reach their full potential and reach more shelves and consumers nationwide.

Meet the hand-picked KeHE elevate™ brands for November:


Go guilt free with keto-friendly, low carb, and gluten & grain free cookies. With no added sugar, these cookies are diabetic friendly. Better yet, every product sold provides a meal to a person in need. Explore the flavors of chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, pecan sandy, and double chocolate chip in a whole new light.

Supernatural Everyday Sprinkles

Women-owned and operated, these better-for-you, dye -free baking products achieve their vibrant colors from veggies and spices.

Mikuna Chocho Protein Powder

Step into a new routine with premium protein powder made with Chocho; a single-source, non-isolate plant protein farmed at 11K’ in the Andes. This highly versatile plant based, keto and paleo-friendly protein powder offers no filler or additives. Choose a protein powder that checks all the boxes for baking and cooking with regenerative, non-GMO, gluten-free, lectin-free ingredients.

Mesa De Vida Cooking Sauces

Stock your shelves with versatile sauces made with good-for-you fruits, vegetables, spices, chilies, and herbs. Experience flavors from around the world without added oils, fillers, gums, or refined sugars. Transform your simple staple ingredients into incredible dinners that take you on a flavor journey. 

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