KeHE is committed to the success of its suppliers in the natural & organic, specialty, and fresh marketplace. KeHE’s CONNECT Business Intelligence® (BI) suite equips suppliers with groundbreaking analytical tools they need to succeed in a competitive market. The KeHE CONNECT BI suite provides cutting-edge sales reporting, business analytics, and data visualization services to help suppliers harness their data to drive success. Pairing the capabilities of CONNECT BI with the expertise of KeHE Category Managers will give suppliers the resources they need to develop their business. 

KeHE CONNECT BI is fueled by innovative data services that significantly enhance how suppliers are able to view their business analytics. These tools allow KeHE’s partners to productively reroute their business where needed, reach new shelves, and build brand recognition. In fact, KeHE suppliers using KeHE CONNECT BI regularly, are experiencing 500% more points of distribution growth than all others. Overall, with the KeHE CONNECT BI suite, businesses can tap into their analytics to facilitate sales growth and create an enhanced shopping experience for consumers.

KeHE’s CONNECT BI services are intuitive and offer more than just accessible information — they provide tailored guidance to suppliers based on numerical data. Here are the benefits provided by the KeHE CONNECT BI suite.

Facilitate and Enable Sales Growth

KeHE CONNECT BI’s Gap & Void Dashboard and Analytics Dashboard produce a roadmap for advancement, filtered by the specific item and channel with a forecasted sales potential. With this tool, users can view the product’s success and its trajectory for the future. Both dashboards make sales data more accessible to suppliers by presenting detailed retailer and category sales data all in one place.

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Administrative Costs

The KeHE CONNECT BI suite’s Reporting and Data Exchange enables subscription-like reporting via email for users, as opposed to manually downloading individual reports. This ensures that suppliers can access necessary analytic information quickly and consistently. Moreover, the Analytics Dashboard is a one-stop view for inbound and outbound fill rates, inventory levels, and purchase order data. Suppliers will be able to efficiently evaluate administrative details with the reporting and data exchange features.

Enhanced Digital Experience and Transparency

KeHE has created the CONNECT BI program with a focus on optimizing the digital experience and transparency for users. With the Analytics Dashboard, suppliers have increased visibility of spending. This financial transparency gives businesses the ability to cut costs where necessary and fully gauge their expenses. 

As one example of the benefits delivered by KeHE CONNECT BI, De La Calle, an organic prebiotic soda with plant fiber and minerals brand, has used the technology to grow its business. National Sales Director, Morgan Givis, says the technology is not only easy-to-use but allows for their team to easily view everything from sales performance to inventory status. To date, this program has helped De La Calle expand its reach to over 1,300 stores selling 9 SKUs across 9 regions.  

“We hope to continue to expand our natural and conventional business with KeHE and its resources,” says Givis. “With the CONNECT BI suite and guidance from KeHE’s category managers, we are able to discover many new opportunities that will help us reach new shelves and customers.”

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