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Mocktail Hour

Sober is the New Chic

With the start of each new year, hordes of wellness-minded optimists kick-start their resolutions by observing Dry January – a 31-day absolving of one’s cocktail-induced sins.

As the month-long trend has caught on, so have the physical and mental benefits of swapping sake for seltzer.

Sterling-Rice group named mocktail mixology one of the top 10 culinary trends of 2017 – and cocktail connoisseurs are listening.

From nonalcoholic happy hours to standalone mocktail menus, booze-free beverages are now standing at the center of intimate gatherings and solo trysts that culminate without the hangover.

Now, alternatives to the old standby of club soda and lime feature fresh-pressed juices, flavored teas, sipping vinegars, tonics and dry sodas.