Day 1 of the in-person KeHE® 2024 Summer Show has come to an end after a successful day of connecting with industry innovators and live buying & selling for the summer season. Show attendees gained exclusive access to the latest trends for the upcoming summer season which enabled them to discover brands that are new to the marketplace.

Here are several exciting events that happened on day 1 of the 2024 KeHE Summer Show:

Executive Update: Food. Forward. Focus.

Attendees heard from Deb Conklin, KeHE’s CEO & President, on KeHE’s Food. Forward. Focus and partner success strategy for 2024. Conklin reflected on KeHE’s end-to-end approach, which highlighted the emphasis to listening to partners and current food buying trends. Her food forward strategy encompasses operational success, growth, continued partner success, and efficient business.

Conklin’s update on operational success was highlighted through the supplier experience and the use of technology in order to provide more information to its partners (which KeHE has been successful in throughout the last five to ten years). Conklin also shared the benefits of KeHE’s growth from the new Miami distribution center opening and acquisition of the DPI enterprise. Continued partner success for KeHE includes the ease, cost, and speed of doing business with KeHE. A full recording of Conklin’s speech will be released following the show.


Fresh Marketplace

KeHE revealed its new Fresh Marketplace brand, which aims to Stock Stores with Stories. Partnering with some of the most food forward suppliers in the industry, KeHE works to connect them to its retail partners in celebration of great food. Attendees are able to indulge their senses (and taste buds) at the Fresh Marketplace Booth #2532. Day 1 highlights at the booth included an Italian pasta alla routa and a parmesan wheel crack! Eligible retailers can shop summer Show Only Deals through February 15, 2024.


On-Trend® Awards Unveiled

This year’s On Trend® Awards honored and celebrated 16 brands carefully chosen by KeHE’s innovation gurus. Over 100 submissions were thoroughly considered based on innovation, purpose, ingredients, and salability. Here are the winners who exceeded expectations: 

After a successful Day 1 of the 2024 KeHE Summer Show, we look forward to Day 2! The digital Summer Show is exclusively on the KeHE CONNECT® Platform until February 15, 2024.

To learn more about KeHE events and the next show, visit our events page.