Grab-and-go, ready-to-drink beverages are a staple impulse category. And though consumers are more and more impulsive—they have become less and less inclined to gulp sugary drinks. The transformation is hitting legacy brands the hardest—especially carbonated soft drinks. Graphic showing comparison of conventional beverages versus better beverages. Conventional food sales figures show a steady decline that indicates consumer choice is trending away from processed foods as a whole, with the natural products market in the U.S. growing at three times the rate. Organic and Natural Food beverages 2020 prediction graphic A growing base of mainstream consumers now expect better-for-you certified organic and non-GMO choices: drinks we have dubbed Better Bevs. Graphic referencing what types of beverages make up the better beverage category. As consumers shift from sugar-filled beverages to better-for-you thirst quenchers, alternative beverages with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes and functional properties will continue to penetrate the market. And consumer demand for transparency, “clean” labels and natural ingredients will only continue to rise and solidify the beverage makeover now taking place in the industry. Graphic referencing better beverages breakdown per beverage type.