We work with our retail partners every day on winning strategies and tactics for merchandising and selling food by focusing Products, Placement, Price and Promotions. KeHE graphic to help retailers find their passion But the most challenging quality to impart into a store is Passion, what we lovingly refer to as the fifth P. Passion for organic, natural, specialty and gourmet is what can turn any ordinary store into an extraordinary destination for shoppers—and can potentially increase sales. Find your passion. Go organic. Make time to visit organic farms that supply your store, and invite organic farmers to tell their stories to your staff. Celebrate local. Create meet-the-maker tasting fairs for your staff and customers to listen to product makers’ stories and connect with them. Educate yourself. Establish product training for all of your staff members who interface with shoppers—make sure they understand dietary choices and restrictions, and that they know the on-trend products. Ask for opinions. Get your team involved by asking them to think deeply about what brands and products they love in your store, and call out their favorites throughout the store and on social media.