The Silicon Valley wave has reached nutrition. Nootropics – or substances that help to improve memory and cognitive function – are the latest nutrition craze to hit tech circles. The word itself is the culmination of the Greek words meaning “mind” and “bending.” And while the concept has been around since the 1970s, the tech wave has jumped on the concept as a solution to “biohack” mental burnout. Well and Good dubs it one of the top medicine cabinet MVPs for 2018.

Investors are taking notice, too, betting serious money that the masses will be gobbling up nootropics in 2018.

According to Research and Markets, brain health was a $2.3 billion business in 2015, and is projected to be worth $11.6 billion by 2024. Companies Nootrobox, Trubrain, and Neurohacker Collective are just a few that have secured millions in funding to help nourish your mind in a manner that goes way beyond Words with Friends.

Traditionally in supplement form – featuring everything from cognitive performance enhancers like amino acids, stress-reducing l-theanine or happiness-boosting phenylethylamine – the wellness-inclined are now looking to supplement pills with something a little more natural: food. Brands now have an opportunity to highlight the ways foods can be used to boost brainpower and enhance mood.